"Remarriage Preparation Program"

Remarriage Preparation Program uses a PowerPoint Presentation that incorporates the "Designing Dynamic Stepfamilies" DVD Series. A PDF Instruction Guide walks you through all animations and includes suggested presentation comments.

Areas covered:
Psychological blind spots
The three top factors leading to re-divorce
Designing a relationship
Developing intimacy.

“Ready-to-use” for conferences, workshops, small groups and home study.

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Practical information for the inevitable challenges of stepfamily living

An eight-part Series with Study Guides designed to tackle the challenges of bringing the pieces of two broken families together. "Ready to use" for workshops, conferences, and small groups.
The Taylors present their hottest topics in front of a studio audience interlaced with interviews from seven other stepcouples, five adult children, and one grandchild of divorce & remarriage.

You will be inspired and entertained!

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Few challenges in life are more difficult than bringing the pieces of two broken families together. Past hurts, high hopes, pre-existing relationships, and different backgrounds can make this task incredibly tough.
Knowing what to expect and what is normal for a stepfamily can reduce the pressure of unrealistic expectations. Understanding the territory and the skills required to negotiate the journey can facilitate the new family's development and promote more lasting success.

Are you ...

  • Divorced with children and your ex-spouse is remarried?
  • Remarried and one or both of you have children?
  • A grandparent to children in a single-parent or stepfamily situation?
  • In a family with a member in the above circumstances?
  • Thinking about getting remarried?
  • A professional who works with stepfamilies?
Then this is for you!

In-depth Study Guide

Included is a comprehensive Study Guide with "Support for Leaders" making this series "ready to use" for workshops, conferences, and small groups. We suggest everyone have their own Study Guide. The introduction includes discussion questions intended to assist group members in getting to know one another in the first session. Additional Study Guides can be ordered for $12.99 plus tax and shipping.

Christian Study Guide PDF E-Book

Filled with Scripture references and biblical principles. 88 pages with 136 discussion questions.

Secular Study Guide PDF E-Book

No references to Scripture. 124 pages with 134 discussion questions.

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